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BM ELETTRONICA in the radio and television field for 25 years, has gained its experience in the planning and construction of transfer installations and distribution of some important Italian network.

This experience is the basis of the whole production of electronic equipment which stand out for the research applied to the real improvement of technical and functional features.

BM ELETTRONCA has concentrated its technological commitment specifically in the television field, in order to obtain the best performance, practicality, quality and limited cost. All this has guaranteed a remarkable success for its products both on the Italian and foreign markets. BM ELETTRONICA has been successfully testing for several years the solid state LDMOS technique of amplifiers and relay transmitters, which represent the last frontier of new technology.

The short outline of the equipment present in this catalogue represent only part of what is being built today in the professional TV broadcast field, also upon customerís detailed list. We would also like to remark the availability and experience in the planning and building of TV networks and complete installations.



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