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  SP5000 / Analog TV TRAMSMITTER
dv-sp1250 digital tv transmitter

  • Sinthetized AM Modulator standard PAL B/G or NTSC or DVB-T
  • Programmable sinthetized IF/CH Up Converter
  • AGC and ALC control with peak detector
  • Combined carrier wideband solid state amplifiers (LDMOS Tech.)
  • 3dB start and full power automatic switching, A.L.C. locked amplifier with peak detector
  • Switching power supply with PFC
  • Control and protection circuits: temperature, WSWR, Over-driver
  • Forceid air cooling system with start at 30°C
  • No maintenance
  • Modular and compact construction in a 19 rack cabinet
  • Output Notch band-pass Cavity Filter
Video input   Audio input  
Impedance 75 Ohm Impedance 600 Ohm
Input level 1Vpp adj. Input level 0 dBm +/- 6 dB
White/Sinc level 95%    
Modulation limiter White clipper    
Connector BNC female    
Sync pulse compression < 3%    
S/N ratio > 55 dB    
General Data   RF Output  
Operating temperature -10 C to +40C Harmonics -60 dB or better
Max humidity 90 % Spurious emission -60 dB or better with output filter
Power supply 100-260V AC - 50 Hz for single phase
3 phase + neutral
Protections SWR - Max Temperature Over driver Frequency band I - III - IV - V
    Out RF 5 kW p.s. - 1250W rms
Output Impedance 50 Ohm Intermodulation -58 dB
Working class A+AB ALC 20 dB
Power consumption 9.6 kW (White video) (-3 dB start and full power automatic switching)  
Dimensions H. 116 cm
W. 54,5 cm
D. 55 cm
RF Out connector EIA 1+5/8''
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